Oldest producer of polishing wheels from Czech republic. Since 1993.

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We are honestly glad to see you in our e-shop. You can see main part of our products and neccesary part of polishing compounds. For more information let us know, we answer you as soon as possible. 

With best regard Ondrej Izsóf

Executive of partnership Brolle v.o.s.

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  • stacked flanel metalpolishing wheel Code: 354/20M
    Stacked flanel 400/20/20
    On request Brand: BROLLE, v.o.s. Warranty: 2 years

    Material: Lack, plastic, chrome, stainless steel, aluminium

    Recomended RPM: 1000-2000

    Density: Soft

  • stacked metalpolishing wheel Code: 252/20M
    Softened cotton stacked 350/20/20
    On request Brand: BROLLE, v.o.s. Warranty: 2 years

    For material: Lack, plastic, and all metals mirror shine.

    Recomeded phase:finishing

    Recomended RPM: 1000-2000

  • Chromax by Lea compounds Code: 155
    In stock Brand: Lea compounds Warranty: 2 years


Lower cost prize

Grinding and abrasiv wheels

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